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Yunoo for teachers

In order the get the best out of students, teachers need overview and insights. On the basis of all information and analysis suggestions of improvement can be provided. The teacher will get an overview of the developments of classes and insight of achievement of each student, and in comparison with others. The system can provide, as well ass the teachers, suggestions (e.g. extra homework) and help planning homework. The teacher can bring each individual to a higher level.

Yunoo supports a wide range of digital learning material types, ranging from simple “flat” files to fully metadata-rich adaptive content – whether this is from commercial -, public domain-sources or self-made. Moreover, it is designed to support an ever-widening range of learning strategies; it includes support for e.g. program-based through to individualized, adaptive strategies. Schools and teachers have freedom of didactic strategy choice based on a specific course or student, which stimulates cultivating students individual talents.

  • Get the complete picture with an overview and insights
  • All information and data is fully accessible
  • Allows teachers to work effectively and efficiently: reducing administrative burden
  • dynamic, intuitive, easy-to-learn-and-use dashboard
  • Freedom in didactic choice, e.g. personalized learning
  • Learning materials from multiple sources