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Yunoo for schools

Yunoo allows schools to work effectively and efficiently, while unburdening them from time consuming and repetitive tasks wherever possible. In addition, as school management will always get insights of the education process and administration. Lowering the pressure on administrative and support functions is a key design objective of Yunoo. It ensures an easy integration with other systems of your school.

Yunoo is not about “one size fit all”: it supports integration with 3rd party systems, makes no assumptions about curriculum, approach to learning, while delivering everything via a consistent, intuitive and easy to navigate user interface.

  • Seamless integration with other systems and subsystems
  • Comprehensive support for Learning, Teaching and Administrative Functions
  • Allows schools to work effectively and efficiently
  • Freedom of choice and support their challenges when adopting new didactic (e.g. personalised and adaptive) strategies and working methods
  • Interoperability as a starting point, based on the global SIF-standard