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The product, Yunoo

We are delivering an open, standards- compliant platform for supporting the learning, teaching and administrative functions of your school. It has a consistent, easy-to learn and easy-to-use dynamic user interface, which we are still developing and refining. We are continuously building further on providing the best possible solution.


Our Yunoo 1.0 release does not reflect the full scale of what is to come obviously. Coming on board with us means we are going on a journey together.

We will be committed to bring:

  • Comprehensive support for Learning, Teaching and Administrative Functions with a consistent, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, dynamic user interface.
  • Configurable support for a wide and growing range of learning and teaching models from proven traditional approaches to highly personalised and adaptive.
  • Easy integration with other systems and subsystems.
  • Cloud-based, Pay-As-You-go (PAYG) subscription models to reduce costs, based on actual usage.
  • Support for a wide variety of digital learning materials, licensed and public domain.
  • Continuous refinement, improvement and enrichment of functionality and the support of new/emergent learning methods.
  • Open and international standards based. Interoperability and integration, based on the global SIF-standard.
  • Support for all leading digital device types; no vendor lock-in. Any-place any-time secure access for authorised users.
  • Security integrated from the ground up. Your data is as secure and accessible as can be ensured.

Become partner

We strongly believe that educational improvement is only possible by working together. Our philosophy is based in interoperability, integration and adaptability. We do believe in creating the best possible user experience by working closely with educational tool specialists to integrate together to enable educational improvement.

3rd party software vendor
Do you believe your software should be accessible for (more) schools? Do you want to develop further in a certain market? Do you also believe in working together to deliver the best possible user experience? Let’s talk.

Do you develop educational content? Do you want to make your content accessible? We would love to make your content available to schools.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

Become reseller

Do you wish to become a development and/or implementation partner? Yunoo is looking for resellers that want to help schools grow towards the future.
Are you interested in bringing Yunoo to your area? Let’s talk!