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The people behind Yunoo

Yunoo was conceived and built in the Netherlands by one of the countries respected educational providers and the Netherlands’ leading Dutch technology pioneer in enabling state-of-the-art learning methods.

Iddink Groep and Luminis Group began to work together when sharing perspectives on future proofing their companies and visions about how education could and should be supported by technology.
The companies decided to take the brave route of “going back and starting from scratch” in terms of the development of a joint software product utilizing the very best of both organizations experience, skills and expertise.

So here we are as GET BV: building a modular integrated cloud solution to facilitate the educational learning and management process for all parties involved (students, teachers, parents, management, publishers and third-party software vendors).
We call it Yunoo, and yes, we do have the ambition to support the education of the future.

We are committed to delivering an open, standards-compliant platform, where the only reason to use Yunoo is simply that it is, and will remain the very best toolset available to educators.